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Phone Extensions are used with Main Office Number: (757) 648-5550

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Administration Title Email Address
Cheryl Askew Principal [email protected]
Tony Anderson Assistant Principal [email protected]
Claire Leblanc Assistant Principal [email protected]
Brian Loehn Assistant Principal [email protected]
Wellinthon Muñoz Administrative Intern [email protected]
Todd Sherman Assistant Principal [email protected]
J. Michael King Academy Coordinator [email protected]

Clerical Staff Title Email Address Extension
Lena Sexton Office Manager [email protected] 85598
Crystal Barhydt Attendance Secretary [email protected] 85554
Kathleen Fullerton Main Office Secretary [email protected] 85582
Mary Greber Bookkeeper [email protected] 85592
Nancy Kilmartin Data Technician [email protected] 85562
Dorinne Miller Guidance Secretary [email protected] 85561
Toni Patillo Main Office Secretary [email protected] 85552

Guidance Counselors Email Address Extension
Guidance Director
Richard Hailey
[email protected] 85560
Leslie Riccio [email protected] 85583
Gaby Alexander - ACCESS Advisor [email protected] 57942
Bryan Everett [email protected] 85565
Chris Murray [email protected] 85563
Samantha Shannon [email protected] 85566
Kerry Sheehan [email protected] 85564

Resource Title Email Address Extension
Geri Axley Distance Learning
Teacher Assistant
[email protected] 7707
Cate Baker Nurse [email protected] 85557
Terri Brackett Assistant Student Activities Coordinator [email protected]  
James Cartwright AVID Coordinator [email protected]  
Allison Graves Academy Advisor [email protected] 57760
Paul Graziano Resource Officer [email protected] 57791
Shannon Karus Nurse Assistant [email protected]  
Leah Nelson School Improvement Specialist [email protected] 85573
Amy Jo Harrell Gifted Resource [email protected] 77770
Nancy Hicks Computer Resource Specialist [email protected] 85567
Jon Hoggard CSC Coordinator [email protected] 77851
Bill King Drivers Education [email protected]  
Meri Riddick Computer Resource Specialist [email protected] 85568
Nina Ransom Nurse Assistant nina.ransom@vbschools.com 85558
Jamar Tyler Student Support Specialist [email protected]  
John Williams Student Activities Coordinator [email protected] 85571

Permanent Substitutes Email Address Extension
Liam Arocho [email protected]  
Ruth Harrison [email protected]  
Terri Brackett [email protected]  
Lauren Miller [email protected]  

Library Title Email Address Extension
Johnnie Draughon Library Media Specialist [email protected] 85569
Beth Labiak Library Media Specialist [email protected] 85570
Francis Whitmore Library Media Assistant [email protected] 57738

Fine Arts Email Address Extension
Department Chair
William Boardman
[email protected] 77792
Claude Blanchard [email protected] 77719
Lindsay Clauer [email protected] 57775
Elizabeth Henson [email protected] 77880
Jonathan Schiffler [email protected] 57776
Karey Sitzler [email protected] 57775
Abbigail Sullivan [email protected]  

World Languages Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Eric Jaworski
[email protected] 77805
Samuel Caraballo [email protected]  
Shirley Hall [email protected] 77778
Mayumi Hino [email protected]  
Rosario O'Neil rosario.o'[email protected]  
Gloria Rosado [email protected] 77871
Patrick Rostock [email protected]  
Heather Sipe [email protected] 77967
Lynn Steinberg [email protected] 77893
Tina Treptor [email protected] 77904

Health & Physical Education Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Kathy Harcourt
[email protected] 77782
Chris Barnhart [email protected]  
Yogi Boothe [email protected] 77721
Joseph Bowles [email protected] 77723
Chris Ramey [email protected] 77817
Jennifer Ramey [email protected] 77776
Christine Thornton christine.thornton@vbschools[email protected] 77902

Language Arts Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Carol Seacrist 
[email protected] 77878
Ashley Adams [email protected]  
Katie Anderson [email protected] 77824
Kristi Bayer [email protected] 77713
Eugenia Bell [email protected] 77929
Brandy Bertucci [email protected]  
B. Gray Finnegan [email protected] 77765
Anne Gregory [email protected] 77772
Tasha Hurst [email protected] 77894
Alexis Jones [email protected] 77811
John Kelly [email protected] 77814
Shannon Kelly [email protected] 77807
Don Kroeller [email protected] 77818
Michelle McAfee [email protected] 77854
Mike Nestor [email protected] 77855
Jessica Scheible [email protected] 77859
Chris Scott [email protected] 77877
Fara Wiles [email protected] 77919

Mathematics Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Lisa Anderson
[email protected] 77704
Jocefe Adriano [email protected] 77701
Jennifer Blackmore [email protected] 77710
Lori Burwell [email protected] 77732
Cathy Cohen [email protected] 77736
Helen Dondero [email protected] 77749
Bryan Dulmage [email protected] 77753
Jenna Filipowicz [email protected] 77895
Janet Hammer [email protected] 77779
Elizabeth Harte [email protected] 77934
Susan John [email protected] 77808
Shaylee Laton [email protected]  
Josephine Letts [email protected] 77828
Lawrence Mangabat [email protected] 77837
Jeanne Noll jeanne.noll@vbschools.com 77950
Whitney Raffo whitney.raffo@vbschools.com  
Jason Sustarsic jason.sustarsic@vbschools.com 77898
Terry Weller terry.weller@vbschools.com 77912
Jack Wheeler jack.wheeler@vbschools.com 77916

Science Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Kathy Turner
kathryn.turner@vbschools.com 77905
Brian Alexander brian.alexander@vbschools.com 77702
Michelle Bailey-Hennessey michelle.bailey-hennessey@vbschools.com 77709
Andy Bedinger andy.bedinger@vbschools.com 77715
David Bostic david.bostic@vbschools.com 77722
Laura Eldredge laura.eldredge@vbschools.com 77754
Heather Green heather.green@vbschools.com 77771
Don Hart donald.hart@vbschools.com 77785
William Isel william.isel@vbschools.com 77936
Renee Jackson renee.jackson@vbschools.com 77804
Anne Kapral anne.kapral@vbschools.com 77803
Robert Koch robert.koch2@vbschools.com 77816
David Lehan david.lehan@vbschools.com 77951
Leslie Samuelson leslie.peate@vbschools.com 77780
Justin San Agustin justin.sanagustin@vbschools.com  
Jeremy Schratwieser jeremy.schratwieser@vbschools.com 77876
Christine Sussman christine.sussman@vbschools.com 77952
Laura Wood lauras.wood@vbschools.com 77921
Babette Zado babette.zado@vbschools.com 77923

Social Studies Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Darcy Pohl
darcy.pohl@vbschools.com 77864
Heath Boomer michael.boomer@vbschools.com 77720
Charles Brown charles.brown@vbschools.com 77728
Carlin Conaway carlin.conaway@vbschools.com  
Erika Connolly erika.connolly@vbschools.com 77737
Geri-Lynn Ewald geri-lynn.ewald@vbschools.com 77758
Gary Felch gary.felch@vbschools.com 77760
Ashley Fitzpatrick ashley.porter@vbschools.com 77764
Kristen Hager kristen.hager@vbschools.com  
Julius Hutchins julius.hutchins@vbschools.com 77801
Samantha Lambert samantha.lambert@vbschools.com 77821
Stasia LaRoche stasia.laroche@vbschools.com 77851
Patricia Laurence patricia.laurence@vbschools.com 77825
Teresa Manwell teresa.manwell@vbschools.com 77840
Alissa Mensik-McCullough alissa.mensik@vbschools.com 77953
Monica Roach monica.roach@vbschools.com  
Andrea Stover andrea.stover@vbschools.com 77896
Ian Tobey ian.tobey@vbschools.com 77906
Robert Weisenbeck robert.weisenbeck@vbschools.com 77911

Special Education Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Brian Mann
brian.mann@vbschools.com 77839
Meyon Burns meyon.burns@vbschools.com 77731
Sheridan Culver sheridan.culver@vbschools.com  
Kristina Dasher kristina.dasher@vbschools.com 77745
Summer Ryan-Dunham summer.ryan-dunham@vbschools.com  
Casey Foster casey.foster@vbschools.com 77767
Stephanie Garner stephanie.garner@vbschools.com 77955
Angela Heidlebaugh angela.heidlebaugh@vbschools.com 77790
Cindy Johnson cindy.johnson@vbschools.com 77971
Heather Kwiatkowski heather.kwiatkowski@vbschools.com 77956
Ginny Lambright virginia.lambright@vbschools.com 77822
Hershel Mack hershel.mack@vbschools.com 77833
Lindsay Mike-Alvado Lindsay.MikeAlvarado@vbschools.com  
Kim Montgomery kimberly.montgomery@vbschools.com 77848
Barbara Newman barbara.newman@vbschools.com 77856
Lisa R. Riley lisar.anderson@vbschools.com 77705
Monica Roach monica.roach@vbschools.com 77815
Karen Sawyer karen.sawyer@vbschools.com 77874
Jordan Schoonover jordan.schoonover@vbschools.com 77957
Andrea Smolin andrea.smolin@vbschools.com 77888
Rebecca Strohm rebecca.strohm@vbschools.com 77897
Brooke Thompson brooke.thompson@vbschools.com  

Special Education Assistants Email Address Extension
Hollye Alexander    
Patti Coglio    
David Cywinski    
Sheila Everett    
Tammy Gravier tammara.gravier@vbschools.com  
Robin Griffin    
Valerie Humphrey    
Jermaine Lauzon    
Joanne Lopez    
Janice Mangiaracina  
Kelly McMullen    
Barry Mitchell    
Amysol Rodriguez    
Teara Smith    
Nicole Spurgeon    

Technical & Career Education Email Address Extension
Department Chair
Scott Sonier
scott.sonier@vbschools.com 77889
Tim Axley timothy.axley@vbschools.com 77708
Ashley Brickner ashley.brickner@vbschools.com 77922
Jim Cartwright james.cartwright@vbschools.com 77962
Bill Dowding william.dowding@vbschools.com 77751
Kathy Goldman m.kathleen.goldman@vbschools.com  
Cecilia Hess cecilia.hess@vbschools.com 77793
Brooks Holuka brooks.holuka@vbschools.com  
Beth Hubbard beth.hubbard@vbschools.com 77799
Dot Neal dorothy.neal@vbschools.com 77853
Jason Ordonio jason.ordonio@vbschools.com  
Karen Simmons karen.simmons@vbschools.com 77884

Interpreters Email Address Extension
Lead Interpreter
Wendy Webster
wendy.webster@vbschools.com 77794
Jenny Bradley jenny.bradley@vbschools.com 77726
Lisa Cabone    
Tammy Clark    
Tabitha Curtis tabitha.curtis@vbschools.com  
Marcia Drake    
Sheena Ethington sheena.ethington@vbschools.com  
Mylynda Fletcher    
Robin Gregory-Stewart robin.gregory-stewart@vbschools.com 77773
Terry Heath terry.heath@vbschools.com 77789
Bing Jedrey jeryl.jedrey@vbschools.com 77806
Nancy Kuzminski nancy.kuzminski@vbschools.com  
Connie Miller connie.miller@vbschools.com 77844
Tami Morse tami.morse@vbschools.com 77850
Valerie Walraven valerie.walraven@vbschools.com 77908

Security Email Address
Jeff Blatt jeffrey.blatt@vbschools.com
Merel Cook merel.cook@vbschools.com
Allen Johnson allen.johnson2@vbschools.com
Teresa Kearns teresa.kearns@vbschools.com
Cheryl Lint cheryl.lint@vbschools.com
Nic Mace nicholas.mace@vbschools.com
Vincent Malfitano vincent.malfitano@vbschools.com
Bhrett Woodard bhrett.woodard@vbschools.com

Cafeteria Manager
Gail Barr, Email Address: gail.barr@vbschools.com
Cherry Adenojar
Maria Despiau
Guillerma Dunning
Catherine Gillespie
Brenda Hensley
Joanna Morelli
Kim Rivera
Jenny Wong

Head Custodian
Robert Lint, Email Address: robert.lint@vbschools.com
Head Night Custodian
Ron Barongan
Ricardo Artajo
Ryan Blaufus
Susan Roberts
Alene Davis
William Dorman
Florente Escobal
Ruth Ford
Michael Griffin
Rassul Guiaman
Chi Ha
Teneka Mebane
Denise Olds
Conrad Palao
Gary Peralta
Celetha Reeves
Hector Roberts
Clarissa Smith

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